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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Which I Binge

I joined a yahoo group for playwrights and I love it. It's Playwrights share submission opportunities, successes, rejections, and gory tales of the trade.

I'm fairly new to the site so didn't know when I joined that September is Binge Month where members are challenged to submit at least one play per day through the month of September. Each time we submit, we're asked to include a link to the theatre so others may submit as well.

At first I thought, what the what? Why would I share an opportunity with other playwrights who might be better than me? Aid the competition? What is this, Candyland?

Then I started getting a dozen emails a day from members sharing websites and opportunities, and I have to say, it's a wonderful thing to see artists helping artists. It's contagious. And good for the soul. I salute. More to the point, I'm in.

Since September 1, I've sent a full-length play or a short play to 23 places, and I learned about all these opportunities from members at playwrightbinge. Sure, I've had a few rejections, but I also got a few tickles. A short play semi-finaled, and an artisitc director in eastern VA is interested in my musical comedy. Yay!

I go into rehearsals (as an actor) on Sept 20 and my time will no longer be my own, so I'll have to stop, which is probably a good thing—give these submissions time to either come back or go on. Most of them will come back.

But maybe a few will go on.

Postage. Persistence. Patience.

And playwrightsbinge.


  1. You wrote a musical?! (my ears - okay eyes - perked up)