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Friday, July 1, 2011

In Which DeLand Public Library Hosts Me and My Peeps!

The hometown crowd showed up for me on June 28, when I took my dog-and-pony show to DeLand Public Library. I am very grateful to librarian Susan Fichter (below) who made it all happen. And she and gave me six beautiful, red roses, too! I felt honored, and very welcome. Thank you, Susan.

I wasn't sure what to expect on a Monday morning; as it turned out, it was a homie reunion! Mom and dad came, too. And the people I didn't know didn't throw eggs, so I think I'm safe in saying a good time was had by all. Even my ninth-grade journalism teacher, Jessie Morland showed up. Jessie was the first person to encourage me as a writer, and gave me the space to do it. One time she let me out of class to go outside and write a story beneath a tree. I don't remember WHY she did that. Maybe her class was more manageable without me in it, I dunno.

After the presentation, Jessie took me to lunch along with four of her very accomplished friends (below), none of whom got drunk or cursed. From left to right is playwright Ann Magaha, Helen Johnson, retired Stetson English professor Ellen Smith, Becky Bostic, and Jessie Morland is the one making horns behind my head. (Sigh. You can dress them up...) They invited me to come back in March and speak to their chapter of the Florida Pen Women. I said hail yas.

Thank you, DeLand. It's always great to go home again.


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