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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Which I Consider Living Social's Coupon Offer

I was flummoxed by today's Living Social coupon. Do you know about Living Social? It's like Groupon and few other online Valuepac operations. I get a daily email and take a look at what kind of a discount I can get for something I didn't know I needed. I've bought haircuts, a car detail, maid service, a facial, and a fat-freeze procedure that is supposed to reduce my "targeted area" by 20%. (Oh, sure. Judge me. Like, you didn't buy that one, too.) So yeah. Basic necessities ONLY.

But anyway, today's Living Social offer was Gun Instruction & Whiskey Tasting.

For only $49 (regularly $100), you can combine two of American society's most deadly weapons. The come-on was "You get to spend an evening shootin' guns and shootin' whiskey."

The only thing missing from this equation is a bar fight.
I don't know where to begin with this one. I posted it on FaceBook and let my friends take shots at it. (See what I did there?) AnnaMarie said, "Girls night out!" which made me snort. Why the heck not?
 I'd kind of like to see them offer ER Training and Blood Soup Sipping. Or maybe Sheep Shearing and Sex Therapy. I'd also buy  Introduction to Cannibalism and Eco Recycling.

But none of those are necessities, really. Not like freezing your fat cells to death. No down time, either. And it doesn't hurt. And the results? Well, those pictures didn't look touched up to me, that's all I'm sayin. You want it now, don't you? Too bad for you, it's gone. But if they offer a Naval Reconstruction and Creationism package, I'll let you know.