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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lady Aston's BarnStone Salon: The Fancy Dress Dinner

(This series of posts describes the projects each of seven artists brought to "Lady Aston's BarnStone Salon," held in early February at my home in Charles City, VA. The first of the series was posted Feb. 7, 2011.) 
Lady Aston asked her guests to bring a "formal costume" to wear at Saturday's Fancy Dress Dinner.

Chef John Capecci made a lamb stew with brussel sprouts (does one capitalize Brussel when one distinguishes said sprouts?) and couscous with pine nuts. It were, as they say, delicious. 

Dean and Kelly, our guest musicians, strolled and played fiddle and guitar.Since 1995, Kelly and Dean have performed regularly at Colonial Williamsburg. Kelly, a soprano, has sung for Frank McCourt, the Hon. Mary Robinson, Tom Wolfe, Jim Leher and THE QUEEN! 

Dean is one of only eight glass armonica players in the world. The armonica was invented by Ben Franklin. Dean also owns one of only two glass violins in the world, and plays one of only two cristal baschets in the United States.

Mo (splendid in snake and zebra) gets a kick out of the The Mister's Scottish tam with attached red hair.
Tami looked amazing in her black, beaded dress. In fact, I asked her to leave it for me. She did.

 John and pal, Michael Garcia, in ceremonial Navajo necklace.

Thurm cleaned up nicely and looked pleased with his catch of the day.

This is my favorite picture. It probably says something about the evening that I don't remember what we were laughing at. We laughed a lot. Michael, Ric and Cindy, I wish you could have been here.
Tomorrow: Michael Garcia performs.


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