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Monday, January 31, 2011

Stop #6: Palm Bay and Franklin T. Magroodt Public Library

My friend, John drove me to Palm Bay for my visit to Franklin T. Magroodt Public Library. Then he pretended not to know me, so that when he rushed forward to buy a book (the plan went), he would create demand and cause a stampede to the front of the room. Before he could put the plan into motion, a real patron stepped forward and bought two books, thus keeping us honest. Thank you, kind woman.

Vero Beach is a beatiful small town with lots of big town advantages, like twenty-six miles of pristine beach with NO high rise condos or hotels, an art museum which would be the envy of a city three times this size, a thriving independent bookstore, an equity theatre, and some "old Florida" neighborhoods on unpaved roads shaded by live oak hammocks. The nature preserve, Pelican Island, is the first preserve ever established (1903), and home to hundreds of pelicans and other water fowl. The historic Jungle Trail, while compromised by recent development, still snakes along the Indian River. And, of course, everyone is good looking and above average. If you're looking for a winter home, you could a lot worse.

Tomorrow I drive to the opposite coast and visit Safety Harbor. I'm giving my dialogue workshop. I think I'm expected to arrive sober and fully clothed, but I'm not sure. I'll let you know.