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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop #3: Lake City Public Library

My parents have this Box; when severe weather trhreatens, the Box whoops and squawks in a most alarming manner. If you weren't afraid of thunderstorms before, you sure as heck will be after experiencing the Box. I was prepared to drive to Lake City, Stop #3 on the Great Ashes to Water Library Tour, when the Box went off and almost blew me out of my high heels. "Tornado watch! Take cover! The sky is falling!" After much discussion (and support from the local newspeople saying things like "very dangerous situation" and "nail down your house so it's not ripped from its moorings and sent spinning through the air"), I called Katrina Evans at Lake City Library and said (essentially), "My mother won't let me come over." She understood, and we rescheduled for the next day at 2:00, provided the Apocalypse had spared the library. For the rest of the evening, I watched news clips of unfortunate locals removing duct tape from windows and picking fallen twigs from their yards.

Stoopid Box.

When I got to Lake City the next day, I was told several people showed up the eveing before, and there would be very few likely to make it back to the rescheduled program. I understood, and had a seat in the library, where I overheard a woman returning a book. She said, "Ashes to Water, yes. It was very interesting."


What could I do? I chashed and tackled her before she could get away.

"Did I just hear you say you turned in Ashes to Water?!" I asked, as she rose from the floor with aid of her cane.
"Well, I'm the AUTHOR!!"
She blinked. "Yes?"
"I wrote that book!"
"I think you're standing on my glasses."
"Oh, sorry. Say, at 2:00,  I'm going to be talking about Florida Fiction and "Writing Your Life" in the meeting room."
"At 2:00, I'm going to be icing my knee."

So she didn't show up, but sixteen others did, and they bought books and fed me nice food (including Katria's homemade chocolate dipped pretzels), and a good time was had by all. Thank you, Lake City!

Then I spent the night in Gainesville, a house guest of my best high school friend, Cherie, She and her beautiful family were very kind and generous. I'm especailly grateful to Cherie for filming and  emailing my call-back audition for a movie. If I get the part, it will be because of her.

The Miata is holding up well, and we're back on schedule. Tomorrow, tornado or no tornado, Sanibel Island.

This just in: the lady I tackled has agreed not to sue, but will not be checking out Rules of the Lake from the Lake City Public Library.