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Friday, August 27, 2010

Seminole Heights Library in Tampa, FL

See the woman in the back left corner? In the white shirt? That's Darlene Harris. She's the Adult Programming Coordinator for the Tampa area library system. She's my new best friend. Darlene invited me to visit with patrons at the Seminole Heights Library. (She also hooked me up with New Tampa Regional Library.) At Seminole Heights, I felt compelled to take a picture of the wonderful folks who showed up on a rainy Monday afternoon because they were THAT great.

It's hard to know if your prepared presentation is going to appeal to an audience. You do your best, of course, and hope you touch somebody, or at least give them something to think about. Sometimes the chemistry is right, sometimes it isn't—all part of the book tour experience. These folks braved uncooperative weather to hear me talk about "The Literary Alchemy of Turning Memory to Story." They were attentive, interested and inquisitive, and I learned a lot from them. They love books, are curious about the writing process, and have writing aspirations of their own. I hope they invite me back.

So thank you, Darlene, and all my Tampa/St. Petersburg friends. Best wishes to you and your important work.


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