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Friday, August 6, 2010

New Review for RULES OF THE LAKE

Thank you, Sandy Nawrot, for this great review!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back at the beginning of the summer, I reviewed Irene Ziegler's new release "Ashes to Water", a "mysterature" that was drenched in old Florida atmosphere. I experienced something close to love at first sight with the story's protagonist, Annie Bartlett, a damaged woman with a strong sense of justice. While the book stood on its own, I knew that Ziegler had written a prequel, entitled "Rules of the Lake", that delved into Annie's childhood and the ghosts she acquired as a result. I knew I HAD to read this - I needed insight into Annie's psyche. Before I was able to use my birthday money to buy it though, Ziegler sent me a copy (thank you!). I squirreled it into my bags for my trip to Indiana. I might just miss my southern, humid, bug-infested home, after all!

"Rules of the Lake" is a collection of separate events in Annie's life that define her...her parents' unhappy marriage, her father's abusive personality, her mother's suicide, her fascination with mermaids (we have them in Weeki Wachee, you know), her molestation from a neighbor, her relationship with her troubled older sister, and her love of water and the lake in her backyard.

Again, Ziegler has hit the nail on the head in creating an essence of old Florida, and blends it with the nostalgic, bittersweet childhood of a young girl. (A young girl that comes back as an adult in "Ashes to Water" and kicks a little butt, which is oh so satisfying.) If you can't afford to go plodding around in untouched, backwater Florida, then this is the next best thing.

I am also compelled to take a slight, superficial detour. Guys, this book cover! I've uploaded an extra large version so you can see. I can't stop staring at the blending of the colors, and the mesmerizing representation of the unseen, non-Disney Florida. If I could frame it and hang it on my wall, I would. The signature says "Vige", but I can't seem to find any information on the artist. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

If you want to take a trip to the unspoiled South, without the strife of heat and mosquitoes and tourists, this is your best bet. You will thank me later!