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Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Which I Invite You to Come Into my Parlor

Where do you write?

I get asked that sometimes. It's a question I like answering, because I love my office. Want to come in? Okay, but I have to warn you, I found a dessicated mouse in my voice booth, so...

What's a voice booth? Well, it's a tiny cubbyhole in my office where I record voiceovers. Okay, let's start there. To the left is my voice booth. Impressive, huh? I am the voice you hear when you're stuck in an endless loop of bureaucratic doublespeak."If you'd like to speak to a human being, please press 197849739479374973947." You know. THAT voice. And it allllllll happens here. That's a microphone at the very top. Moving on.
 This is what my office looks like when you walk in. You should feel honored that I didn't clean for you. I wanted you to see the "real" environment. Yup. Pretty damn messy.

Wanna see my view? Pretty killer, right? That's the James River back there. Am I inspired by such a view? You're darn skippy.

Behind the elliptical are my barrister bookcases, which I love. I used to go junk shopping a lot, and would find these bookcases in the oddest places. They're harder to find, now. The books inside them get more use than the elliptical. Don't tell Jen Meharg.

Now I'm standing with my back to the aforementioned elliptical, and looking at my very cool fireplace. It's made of stone, and came from Provence. It's old. When we got it, it was broken (the guy who sold it to us broke it and didn't tell us, the scumbag), so that was pretty disappointing. Enter friend and sculptor to the gods, Paul DiPasquali. Paul was able to build up, then sculpt the floral details on the front, and he repaired a honking crack on the top. Can't even see the seams. He's THAT good. My sister, Karen, did the color pencil drawing above the mantel. Cool, huh?

 Maybe you noticed all these post and beams everywhere. That's because I live in a barn.  I wasn't raised in a barn, but I do live in one. Renovated, of course, and it's my husband's creative legacy. Anyway, I have books on the beams. And yes, I work on a Mac.

We've stepped out of my office for a second, because I wanted to show you these bookcases.These are my signed first editions. Represented are Raymond Carver, James Dickey, James Lee Burke, William Styron, Lee Smith and others. I'm big into southern literature.

These are books my Richmond friends have written. They are good books. My friends are good friends.

And so there you have it, a tour of my office. Send me a picture of your favorite space!


  1. Wow and wow backwards. What an inspiring place to work. I especially like that drawing that your sister did.