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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had a first meeting this morning with a social media expert, the lovely and talented (really!) Miss Rebecca Joines Schinsky, more commonly known as bookladysblog, or if you care to truncate, booklady. Rebecca and her partner have started SocialMediU, which offers social media promotion expertise to people like moi, who are a generation behind in advertising tactics. Where I'm thinking book tours, she's thinking blog tours; where I'm thinking 'driving around the country with books in my trunk,' she's thinking, figure out your tweetdeck and join a conversation. Where I'm thinking 'plaster the name of my book on every virtual surface I can find,' she's thinking, let other people do that for you.

I love booklady.

And I'm learning to love social media as a delivery system. Keyword = learning. I wish I could get back the hours I've twiddled around on my own, trying to figure out the friending and the joining and the tweeting and the linking and the grouping and the messaging. I've aged in dog years trying to target blogs, not to mention write my own. (Hey! Did you know you're not supposed to be sarcastic or pissy in your blog? [slaps forehead] What a concept!) And who can untangle the circles within circles, the networks within networks, without putting on some pants and saying, 'screw this, I'm going back to the gym.'

SocialMediU is going to help me TAKE CONTROL and show my tweetdeck who's boss. No more crying over the stove, wondering why I'm always a follower, never a followee; no more Googling my own name in vain. Thanks to bloglady, I am master of my virtual domain, and from now until July, when ASHES TO WATER comes out (see what I did there?--slipped the title in smooth as poop on a stick) I'm going to get in there and I'm going to fight and I'm going to WIN.

Watch out CyberWorld! There's a new bitch in town [unsheathes weapon], and she's got a BOOK.

Thanks, Rebecca.


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