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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"...a book for your must-read list."

A review of Ashes to Water, by Margaret Oleska:

A Florida lake house with many childhood memories. Annie Bartlett’s estranged father murdered. The father’s girlfriend is accused of the murder, but after confronting her, Annie is not so sure. Her junkie sister is anxious to settle their father’s estate. Ashes to Water by Irene Ziegler is a gripping murder mystery of not only solving crimes, but healing the scars from the past.

In Ashes to Water, Annie returns to her central Florida home town after her father is murdered. Della, the father’s girlfriend, is accused of murdering him with a fatal blow to the head with a boat oar. The town is convinced of her guilt and even her lawyer believes her best defense is to plead guilty and avoid a trial. Annie only wants the right person brought to justice. Her sister, on the other hand, wants a quick end, so she can get her half of the estate and move on. The authorities are more concerned about finding the arsonist who has been setting fires in their growing community. The sisters’ involvement only stirs others’ desire for their quick exit.

In her quest, Annie realizes how little she knew about her father, and perhaps his sorted past does not make him the monster her mother painted him to be. Her sister still is drawn to “bad boys” just like dad. Can they find what they need to not only bury their father, but bury the past?

Irene Ziegler paints a vivid picture of small-town characters and weaves an intriguing story from the very first page to the bitter-sweet end. You will feel the cool breeze flowing over Willow Lake as well as the icy glares from Pier Diner patrons. This is a book for your must-read list.

Irene Ziegler lives in Richmond, Virginia and her debut novel, Ashes to Water will be released on June 16, 2010, and is now available for preorder. For more information, you may visit the author’s website at