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Monday, March 24, 2014

In Which My Voice is Featured in "The Walking Dead"

I'm in the last episode of season 5 of THE WALKING DEAD. That's my voice in the trailer. Cool!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meanwhile, thirty-odd years later...

I've been having professional headshots made every three years or so, since my mid-twenties. Black and white was the order of the day for actors in the 1980s. Then, as in the second half of The Wizard of Oz, color was invented. Looking at these two selves, I notice the older me is more engaged, though thinner of lip and extremely low on melatonin. Both have that oh-so-employable "Whaddayoulookinat?" attitude, and I particularly like the weird eyes in the recent shot. "Come another step closer and I may have to bite you," it says. Not exactly the message one wants to convey to a director, but hey, it beats, "I'm desperate," although not by much. I'm more in demand than I was in 1980-something, a testament to persistence rather than anything else. In this business, longevity pays. Stick around long enough and you might get lucky.
And we have been lucky. And we're grateful.

Now go on, get outtaheah before I get desperate.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In Which I Create a Spark

So I’ve been having trouble bonding with my house. We didn’t choose one another. It used to belong to my former husband and now it belongs to me. We’ve been cordial, the house and I, but really, we’re missing that spark. So I’m going to create one. A spark, that is.

I’m building a wood burning fireplace. Well, I’M not building it. I’m paying out the nose to have it built for me. It’s not finished. Right now, it looks like this:

And this:

I’m putting a lot of pressure on this fireplace. I’m convinced this fire place will bridge the gap between the house and I, make me want to come home to it, make it okay to sit quietly and read. Or write. Neither of which I’m doing enough of. In other words, I’m banking on this fireplace to make me fall in love with my house, and by association, my life.

I could be setting myself up for rejection and/or major disappointment. What if the fire place does nothing more than make my house smell like smoke?

That’s already happened, by the way. I lit a fire last week (after talking with the contractor, mind you, and getting his go-ahead) and everything went really well. Until it didn’t. I forgot about the tarp over the chimney.

The good news is, all the smoke detectors in my house work.

Did you know that you can yank the battery out of a smoke detector and it will CONTINUE to screech? True fact. Here’s another: it takes a day to air out a house that has been smoked. And it was a LITTLE fire. Teeny tiny. Like, it could hardly even melt a hunk of brie on a stick. Not that I tried that.

But things will be different tonight. Tonight, they’re calling for snow, and I’d REALLY like to fire up this sucker, move the couch back where it belongs, pour a brandy, sit down and pretend to read a book while smoke goes UP AND OUT of the chimney. That would make me really happy. That would make me love my house. That would make me love my life.

And if it doesn’t, then I’ll get a pony and name it Sparky. THEN I'll be happy.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Voiceover for Brandermill Woods

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Some people were nice enough to give me an award...

Outstanding Women in the Arts: that's me and Anne Westrick. Congratulations to the other honorees: Sukenya Best, Amy Black, Susan Greenbaum, Laura Loe, Sara Belle November, Joan Olmstead Oates,  Terrie Powers Miller. So proud and grateful. Thank you Style Weekly and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My voiceover for Korbel

Monday, March 18, 2013

In Which I Sign on the Solid Line

I signed divorce papers today. It was a non-event. I thought it would be an event. Noop. And last month, my therapist fired me. She said, "Go, live, be free," or something like that. Or, maybe it was "Stick a fork in you, you're done." Anyway, she's a good therapist. I call her the Woodland Creature for reasons I won't disclose. Now she's in my past.

I am rehearsing tonight, then I will fall asleep in front of the TV. Then I will wake with a sore neck and shuffle off to bed.

Except I don't shuffle. More like prance. I will prance off to bed.

Aw, who the hell am I kidding. I'll shuffle.

And the sun will come up and the sun will do down and today will become part of my past. Just another uneventful day in the life.

This is my first spring in my new-to-me house. I didn't know I had daffodils in the yard until two weeks ago when they started popping up all over the place. Many will get displaced when I begin the big dig. Putting in lots of plants whose names end in 'a.' The acid-lovers.

Virginia is for acid lovers.

Oh, wait.

That's California.

I digress.

They say this rain will be over tomorrow.