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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Housesitting in Sonoma, CA

I am a member of a website called If you end up joining, please give me credit for sending you there. I get points.

As a member, I get a daily email listing want ads from selected places around the world, all pet or home owners who want somebody to stay in their homes while they are away.

I've spent six weeks in England, one week in San Francisco, one week in Portland, four days in Asheville, and now, seven weeks in Sonoma, CA, which ends July 7.

I am having the best time in Sonoma. I am sitting two ragdoll cats and a mellow Sheltie.

The homeowners very generously gave me use of their car, so I am drinking in the sights in wine country, CA. Today, I visited the redwood forest in Guerneville, CA.
I came across an outdoor  theatre among the redwoods and felt like I was in church.

I also visited the Korbel Champagne winery in Guerneville, CA. I happened to have voiced their ad for Sweet Rose and Sweet Cuvee.They were not particularly impressed with that fact, but hey. I was amused.  If you'd like to listen to that ad, here's the link:

I am writing a play while here, so I have to discipline myself.  Mornings are for the animals, and writing. Afternoons are for me.

I love my life.